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When Ties Break by Margaret Norton



Margaret Norton inked a memoir that aims to heal families in crisis called"When Ties Break". Margaret and I sat down at the Blue Coffee Cafe in Durham on a lovely September morning to talk about her book. (click in the tab above to listen)


I had the privilege to be one of the first to interview Margaret about this new release "When Ties Break". We just happened to be in the same place and because I am never without my recorder, I asked and she agreed to take time away from her booksigning to talk with me.  Through our pleasantries, I learned that we both enjoyed a good pastry in the morning.  Anyone who kicks of the day with a healthy dose of sugar, is good to go with me.    

You can listen to our conversation just click on the above button.  Hear how she describes the book and the impact it’s already having on readers.  This is a very personal look at one woman’s life, but it is a story that many families can relate to. 

I aired this interview during my weekly radio program Soul Palaver with Stephenie McLean on WCOM in October to acknowledge Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Many of the memories Margaret shares in the book were painful for her to relive, but she says that the overall message is one of hope.  Click on the button above to hear our interview.  Enjoy!

Listen to Soul Palaver with Stephenie McLean weekly on Thursday at 10 a.m. (est) on WCOM-LP 103.5 FM or for live streaming.  

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